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Rudy Caught By Dominion Reps After Hiding From Them For Days, Gets Served With $1.3 Billion Lawsuit



Donald Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani reportedly tried to dodge representatives from Dominion Voting Systems who were charged with serving him the company’s massive $1.3 billion defamation lawsuit over his election lies. But the disgraced former mayor ran out of hiding places and they finally caught up with him, The New York Daily News reports.

Giuliani managed to hide from Dominion’s process servers for several days before they finally caught up with him and delivered Dominion’s 107-page lawsuit into his hands. At one point, Giuliani saw a process server approaching him, which caused him to rush to his car and slam the door as “a process server lunged forward with a bag full of documents,” the newspaper reported.

“After not responding to requests to waive service, Mr. Giuliani evaded in-person service of process for nearly a week,” Dominion attorney Tom Clare told the Daily News. “It took numerous attempts, at both his home and office, before we were able to successfully serve Mr. Giuliani on February 10.”

“Mr. Giuliani’s repeated false claims about Dominion have been immeasurably damaging; this service of process is one more step forward in our pursuit of justice,” he added.

The voting system company has sued multiple Trump backers, including attorney Sidney Powell and MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, for falsely claiming that Dominion voting machines rigged the 2020 presidential election in favor of President Joe Biden.