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RNC Chair Fails To Offer Evidence Of Voter Fraud, Claims They Need ‘Time’ To Find It



While Donald Trump and his GOP enablers have been accusing the election of being rigged with voter fraud, they have yet to offer any sort of evidence to back their accusations. Now, Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel claims that they need “time” in order to find those irregularities they claim are happening with the counts.

McDaniel was asked about what she thinks of Trump’s path to 270.

“We have seen a lot of irregularities, Bret,” she told anchor Bret Baier, claiming that in Michigan, where the Trump campaign is pushing for a recount, “we’ve been pursuing reports coming in on our hotline, people who were disenfranchised from observing the vote count and some more serious allegations that we’re seeing.”

Pressed for more specifics, McDaniel said she would be holding a news conference later in the day.

“It is serious. I want to let it play out and allow the lawyers to look at this,” she insisted. “It is not something that’s little.”

In her news conference on Friday, the RNC chair again did not present any specific accusation of fraud but pointed to a software issue in one county that erroneously gave thousands more votes to Democrats but was corrected.

McDaniel also appeared on Fox News to continue with the accusations without offering any so of evidence.

On Fox News, she described “hundreds of witnesses who talk about being disenfranchised and being removed from counting centers as election workers cheered as they were removed,” saying the party had been filing lawsuits and alleging that such moves were “systematic.”

“The fact that we were there has allowed us to show what happens when person after person in Detroit was removed. If you left to go to the bathroom you weren’t allowed back in. I’m not hearing this from reports or hearsay or the internet,” she argued. “I know these people.”

But the Fox anchors pushed back, with Baier noting that “transparency and watching the ballots is different than finding fraud that changes the direction, that narrows the gap,” which sits at around 146,000 votes right now in Michigan.

Baier asked McDaniel whether the claims she planned to present would overturn a margin of that size.

“I’m saying be patient and allow us to pursue these irregularities and some of these allegations that are very serious — very serious,” she responded. “And so allow that to happen, let the process take place. It’s funny we want to rush to judgment, we want to get this election over with. But If there is election fraud — which everyone accuses or says there wasn’t, or if there were irregularities we need to pursue them.”

“We agree with you and we want to look into everything as well. But we just haven’t seen it. It hasn’t been presented,” Baier pointed out. “There’s all kinds of stuff flying on the internet, but when we look into it, it doesn’t pan out.”

McDaniel again pleaded for patience, and urged the media to investigate the kinds of irregularities she was vaguely referencing.

“Don’t rush people to say, well, just accept it because it doesn’t happen. If these irregularities are there, they need to be investigated,” she added.

Baier continued to push back on McDaniel’s claims, asking whether the country was “going to see” specific allegations of fraud.

“You know Bret, we’re working on that. And that’s why I’m saying, give us time,” she said. She claimed Democrats had not come to Republicans’ aid to advocate for more transparency in the counting process.

“I was looking at the index of the statements today and there are hundreds of them,” she continued. “There are situations where military ballots were not being transposed correctly or they weren’t able to observe it or where they had ballots that they said were invalidated that were put back into the pile of being valid. These are the types of statements we’re getting. We will be going legally with these and making sure they turn into affidavits and that is a bit of a process. So when you have this many complaints, it is not something to be overlooked and ignored.”

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