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Republicans Don’t Care If People Pay High Gas Prices



Kevin McCarthy

Just a day after voting against a bill aimed to provide expanded access to baby formula for low-income Americans, House Republicans also voted against a Democratic legislation Democrats’ bill aimed at combating “price gouging” on gasoline.

The gas bill passed 217-207, with no Republicans voting for it. The legislation, from Schrier and Rep. Katie Porter (D-Calif.), would outlaw the selling of fuel at an “excessive” price during an energy emergency.

But the legislation is unlikely to gain traction in the Senate, where it would need the support of 10 Republicans to advance.

It’s part of a disturbing trend: House Democrats pass bills aimed at solving some of the nation’s most urgent problems just to see Republicans block them in the Senate.

Democrats blame the oil industry for skyrocketing prices, pointing out record profits posted by major oil companies as evidence. Meanwhile, Republicans argued that Democrats were seeking to shift blame for the gasoline prices, saying President Biden is the one responsible.

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Market analysts have said that the high prices are being primarily driven by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, as well as pandemic recovery.