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Republican Military Vets Slam ‘Coward, Lying Draft Dodger’ Trump In New Attack Ad Airing On Fox News: ‘We’re Done With Him’



Republicans who’ve served in the military are slamming President Donald Trump as a “lying draft dodger” who only cares about himself in a new campaign ad that will air on Fox News in the swing states during the Republican National Convention later this month.

These Republican veterans say they’re done with Trump ― and they’re planning to vote for Democrat Joe Biden in the new spot from Republican Voters Against Trump.

The group, which highlights the voices of everyday members of the party who are disaffected with the president, says the spot will air on Fox News during the convention in the swing states of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Arizona and Florida.

Trump won all of those states in 2016, which combine for 85 electoral votes, but Biden has an edge this year in all five, according to polls.

The new ad will also run on digital media outlets in the battleground states.

Republican Voters Against Trump is one of several anti-Trump groups hitting the president from the right.