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‘Prophetess’ Claims God Told Her ‘Trump Is Still President’ And Biden Is ‘Illegitimate Evil’



President Joe Biden has been in office for nearly a week, but that hasn’t stopped supporters of Donald Trump from continuing to deny the fact that Biden is president.

During a recent live stream, self-proclaimed “prophetess” and “weather warrior” Kat Kerr claimed that she spoke to God who told her that Trump is still president.

“But to the left, to the wicked, to those to chose to cheat and steal and lie, they shall have every curse come upon them, that they have spoke over my president, Donald J. Trump,” Kerr said, with he voice of God allegedly speaking though her. “I say that he is the president. He won! And in 2021, you will see that he won.”

According to Kerr, God told her that he still plans to “replace” Biden.

“He is illegitimate and I will not confirm him,” she/God continued. “I will not talk about him. He will not be known in this land and one day his name will be like dust. And I say he will be crushed. The evil and wickedness will be seen.”

Take a look at her claim in the video clip below:

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