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Pompeo Attempts To Boost A 2024 WH Run By Secretly Using Government Trips To Meet Wealthy Donors: NYT



The New York Times reported on Friday that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has secretly been meeting with potential wealthy donors around the world during official government trips, as he considers a run for the White House in 2024.

According to the Times, Pompeo has been using taxpayer-funded trips to meet with prominent Republican donors who can help him on his attempted journey at becoming president.

From London to Latin America, and from Florida to Kansas, the Secretary has been holding secret meetings that are quietly kept off his official calendar, The Times reports.

Pompeo “has chosen not to disclose certain meetings that appeared to be linked to those plans while on taxpayer-funded trips. The exact number of the meetings is unclear, though there is a pattern of activity,” the report states.

People weren’t happy after learning of Pompeo’s plan.

“It’s becoming increasingly clear that Secretary Pompeo is using the State Department to support his political career, and is using the position of secretary of state to collect a Rolodex of powerful people to support him for whatever venture he sees next,” Austin Evers, executive director of the liberal watchdog group American Oversight, told The Times. Evers worked at the State Department during the Obama administration.

You can read more about Pompeo’s secret meetings HERE.

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