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Jeanine Pirro Slams ‘Freaks’ Who Stormed U.S. Capitol For Making Her Look Bad



In an effort to distance herself from the right-wing pundits who rile up Trump fans since the election, Fox News personality Jeanine Pirro lambasted her own viewers, demanding they stop blaming ‘Antifa’ for what Trump-fueled riot on Capitol hill.

Pirro, a fervent Rump defender, railed against the conservative terrorists for making the rest of the Trump supporters look bad.

“I want to be clear,” Pirro started her rant. “The actions at the United States Capitol three days ago were deplorable, reprehensible, outright criminal. These frightening and repulsive actions represent the most significant breach on our Capitol in over 200 years. And I don’t care with happened in the past and or whether those who did it think the election was stolen.

“That is not justification. Seventy-five million of us are still angry about the election — but we don’t storm the Capitol,” she said.

She then called out the “antifa” theory, which was a topic on numerous Fox News shows this week.

“And stop looking for other people to blame, including those dirt-bag terrorists antifa. To those of you who did this, you did it, of your own will, and you will be held accountable. Take the veil of politics off. Be totally objective, anyone watching this must condemn it,” Jeanine said.

“And in the end, what was the point? What did you get out of it? Was there even a plan when you got in there, besides looking like a bunch of freaks, breaking windows, carrying off a podium, sitting at Nancy Pelosi’s desk, leaving a love note with fingerprints behind, identifying yourself with selfies, stealing, damaging property, trespassing, looting? Five people are dead in your wake.”

Pirro then showed a clip of a Capitol cop being crushed against a partially broken window and expressed her horror at the scene.

“Did anybody stop to think that with this foolhardy effort to disrupt the congressional hearing, you have smeared 75 million of us, because of what you did? Did anyone change their vote? No!” Jeanine declared emphatically (video below).

Pirro’s diatribe is a rare departure from the majority of Fox News personalities and guests who have floated the baseless conspiracy theory that it was actually leftist infiltrators —or ‘antifa’— who invaded the U.S. Capitol this week.


For the record, Jeanine Pirro is also guilty of spreading baseless claims about the election and has encouraged viewers to look into false conspiracies about Dominion voting machines. She inflamed Trump supporters by suggesting that someone had stolen a voting machine company’s servers in Germany and even claimed that Bill Barr was secretly supporting Joe Biden.