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Pastor Urges Financially Burdened Families To Give 10% Of Their Money To His Church: ‘That Money Doesn’t Belong To You’



Pastor Curt Landry, who had previously told people not to get vaccinated for the coronavirus because the vaccines come from hell, is now urging people to donate ten percent of their earnings to the church because that’s God’s money, not theirs.

During a live-streamed interview with pastor Jeremiah Moss, Landry was asked to give advice to people who are struggling financially during this pandemic.

Landry said that people needed to pray and fast. But he had a third tip, which according to him is the most important one, and that is to give your income to the church.

Landry explained that Christians need to make sure to give “ten percent of your income” and “get that seed in the ground as soon as possible.”

“You need to make sure that you tithe 10 percent of your income, and since I’m speaking to Life Church, that ten percent needs to go into Life Church, okay?”

“That ten percent spiritually doesn’t belong to you,” he added. “The Lord gives that to you to sew back into the kingdom, okay?”

He then went on to give a lesson on tithing, suggesting that when you give a grandchild ten dimes, you need to make it clear that the tenth dime belongs to “the Lord, because God actually gives you nine dimes and the tenth one is for him and to be obedient.”

While fasting and prayer are good, he said “what really causes financial problems to break is giving, and so if you’ll follow the ten percent to the Lord … you can sow a seed into Life Church for Passover. That’s an offering. That’s a first fruit of your increase over the ten percent and whatever that amount, there’s not really a percentage on it. That’s whatever the Lord tells you in your heart.”

Take a look at his remarks below:

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