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Out Of The Wazoo: House Republican Unveils Bizarre Plan To Reinstate Trump



Billy Long

Missouri Representative Rep. Billy Long (R), a fervent promoter of Trump election lies, has forward an outlandish new plan on Twitter for how he will get former President Donald Trump reinstated to office.

Long, who is a candidate for the open Senate seat being vacated by retiring Sen. Roy Blunt, said that he will force Vice President Kamala Harris to resign, have President Joe Biden appoint Trump as vice president in her place, and then have Biden himself resign, and just like that get Trump back to the Oval Office.

The GOP lawmaker did not specify how his master plan would work, including how he would force Vice President Harris to resign and then persuade Biden to choose Trump to replace her.

Long, who has a history of controversial rhetoric, blamed recent mass shootings on women having abortion rights.

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