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Nikki Haley Support Surges After Trump Threatens Her Donors



Nikki Haley support has surged after Donald Trump threatened her donors
Nikki Haley support has surged after Donald Trump threatened her donors. (Photos via Imgur)

On Wednesday, Donald Trump escalated his criticisms of Nikki Haley by issuing a threat to ostracize individuals contributing to her campaign. Via Truth Social, he declared, “Anyone supporting Birdbrain from now on will be permanently excluded from the MAGA camp. We don’t want them, and will not accept them.”

Haley’s resolute demeanor in her post-New Hampshire primary loss speech, along with her comments on Trump’s diminished sharpness due to recent gaffes and rambling speeches, seemed to provoke the former president’s ire.

Contrary to Trump’s intentions, the threat against Haley’s donors had an unintended effect, as individuals flocked to express their support for Haley on various platforms. Some accused Trump of employing “mob boss” tactics, drawing comparisons to the operations of the Mafia and cartels.

“This is how the Mafia and cartels operate,” journalist David Lazerus wrote.

Criticism mounted from different quarters, with users questioning the efficacy of Trump’s “mob boss” approach in winning over voters. The move to blacklist donors, especially in a race where Democrats are expected to outspend Republicans by hundreds of millions, drew skepticism.

“So… Trump has alienated Independents. He’s alienated DeSantis supporters. Now he’s alienating Haley supporters. Is there no one with balls enough on his team to tell him the whole ‘mob boss’ routine is not a winning strategy?” X user and “Reagan/DeSantis Republican” The Might Quinn wrote.

“Black-listing donors in a race Democrats are going to outspend Republicans by hundreds of millions. Great strategy,” wrote conservative blogger Bonchie.

Amidst the backlash, voices emerged encouraging donations to Nikki Haley’s campaign in defiance of Trump’s directive. Users on platform X proudly shared their contributions, with some expressing a sense of liberation from Trumpism’s perceived constraints. The incident sparked discussions on the strategic implications of such confrontational tactics within the Republican sphere.

“Please let the Trump team know that I donated to Haley,” wrote a X user.

“Seems like a good time to send Nikki a modest contribution,” wrote The Bulwark’s editor Bill Kristol.

“I just donated to Nikki Haley. You should, too — and so should your family. Proud to be “permanently barred” from Trumpism. Feels nice. Try it!” conservative lawyer Heath Mayo wrote.