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New Report Reveals Who Visited The Trump White House Before Jan. 6



Trump White House visitors log

A new report by Politico sheds new light on who visited Donald Trump at the White House in the final days of his administration as he tried to undo his election defeat.

As noted by the publication, “Trump spent his time in office fighting to keep the White House visitor records secret.” Then came the House Select Committee to investigate his failed efforts to overturn the election results and his role in the Jan 6 insurrection.

In late December, the committee released new data that offers a never-before-seen glimpse at Trump’s frantic days before the Jan 6 attack.

Included in the batch of documents the House panel uploaded as it wrapped up its exhaustive probe into the storming of the Capitol was an excel spreadsheet detailing seven full days of Trump’s White House visitor manifests, allowing the public to finally see important information that Trump tried to shield.

Politico posted the visitor’s log in a searchable format and analyzed the findings.

The logs cover only the dates of Dec. 12, 14, 18 and 21, 2020, and then Jan. 3-5, 2021, and do not show the specific purposes of the visits. However, the documents shed new light on events covered by the Jan. 6 investigation, such as the chaotic Oval Office meeting on Dec. 18, when outside advisers such as Sidney Powell and Patrick Byrne suggested seizing voting machines, and provide an accounting of the Fox News broadcasters and others who met with Trump in the final weeks of his presidency.

The logs also show five staffers for then-Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) reviewed documents that Trump intended to declassify, and a number of artists and photographers visited the president’s private residence in that same period for reasons that aren’t listed.

Search the visitor’s log at Politico.


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