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Neil Cavuto Unleashes On GOP Rep For Urging Trump To Gut The Coronavirus Task Force: Watch



Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto slammed Republican Congressman Andy Biggs on Thursday during an on-air interview.

Biggs released a statement on Thursday morning urging Donald Trump to get rid of his coronavirus task force because they are stopping him from conducting his agenda.

Cavuto blasted Biggs for even suggesting Trump get rid of his medical advisers.

“You have hospitalizations and ICU bed use, the highest of this crisis. You’re telling people to … [not wear] a mask and get rid of a commission,” Cavuto said. “Your people are listening to you, and you’re saying we can ease up.”

When Biggs accused Cavuto of “cherry-picking data,” the Fox News host fired back that the lawmaker simply wanted to get rid of the task force because he doesn’t like what the experts are saying.

“They have no political agenda,” Cavuto said. “They’re worried doctors, and they think that people can get a little cavalier. I don’t think that means they’re anti-the president’s agenda. They’re pro-keeping-people-alive agenda.”

“Their time of usefulness has expired,” Biggs responded. “What they do is when the president comes out and makes a policy, because he is the president and he is the policymaker, when they make these statements that they make, they engender panic and hysteria and undermine what the president is doing.”

Cavuto then noted that if people were following guidance to mitigate the spread of coronavirus, public health experts would not need to express such dire concerns.

Fauci himself warned that the U.S. could see a daily case count of 100,000 unless the nation took the necessary precautions.

Meanwhile, Trump is claiming that the virus would eventually “just disappear” on its own.

“Doesn’t he refer to them as the health experts?” Cavuto asked. “Doesn’t he have a commission because he defers to them as the health experts?”

He added: “And they’re citing worries. They’re citing also that we can get this under control. It needn’t be a panic if people should do what they should be doing. But isn’t that what doctors do, look after people’s lives?”

Take a look at the altercation in the video clip below:

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