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More Than 1000 Georgians Get Infected With COVID-19 Same Day Gov. Kemp Reopens State



Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, who was dubiously elected after Republicans made a series of illegal maneuvers during the election last year, decided to reopen the state in the middle of a pandemic. Now, the state has confirmed that over 1000 people got infected with the coronavirus —in less than 24 hours, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

As of Thursday, the Georgia Department of Public Health had a confirmed number of 26,000 cases in the state. On Friday, however, that number has shot up to 27,023.

The report comes after Gov. Kemp ordered that gyms, barbershops, massage parlors, tattoo parlors, and bowling alleys could reopen today, with restaurants and theaters being allowed to reopen on Monday, May 1. These are not places where one can easily practice social distancing.

The order does not lift the shelter-in-place restriction from “medically fragile” or elderly citizens, but it still allows those groups to move about based on being an ‘essential worker,’ or participating in ‘necessary travel,’ or having medical needs.

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