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Mitch McConnell Makes Up Fake Joe Biden Quote To Attack His Executive Orders



Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell took to the Senate floor on Thursday to attack President Joe Biden for issuing executive orders on his first week to undo many of the 220 executive orders Donald Trump signed during his time in office.

McConnell, who has been known for denying Democrats to pass legislation that doesn’t fit the Republican agenda, used a false Biden quote to attack the president’s executive actions.

“As recently as October, now-President Biden said you can’t legislate by executive action unless you are a dictator. Well, in one week, he signed more than 30 unilateral actions,” said McConnell in a video quoted by Forbes.

Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler and CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale both explained that Biden never said that. McConnell never disputed any of Trump’s 220 executive orders. Forbes hasn’t deleted the video with the false quote.

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