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Minneapolis Police Chief Promises Reform As He Ends Negotiations With Police Union: Report



Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo announced on Wednesday that his department will no longer be making negotiations with force’s police union as calls for reform amid growing criticism over the killing of George Floyd.

According to POLITICO, Arradondo’s decision to drop the police union comes as people become more aware “of the role police unions sometimes play in stifling reform efforts that aim to combat police brutality.”

“I plan to bring in subject matter experience and advisers to conduct a thorough review of how the contract can be restructured to provide greater community transparency and more flexibility for true reform,” Arradondo said at a press conference in Minneapolis.

According to Arradondo, the department will put systems in place that would allow leaders to identify warning signs of police misconduct at an early stage.

Arradondo, who in 2017 became the department’s first African American leader, said race is “inextricably a part of the American policing system.”

“We will never evolve in this profession if we do not address it head on. Communities of color have paid the heaviest of costs, and that is with their lives,” Arradondo said. “And our children must be safeguarded from ever having to contribute to the horrific and shameful chapter of this country’s history.”

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