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Mike Lindell Whines He’s Drowning In Debt After Failed Election Crusade



Mike Lindell
MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell. (Screengrab)

MyPillow CEO and MAGA election litigator Mike Lindell lamented on Tuesday that he has been compelled to secure loans totaling millions of dollars over the past few months.

During a telethon promoting 16 purported electors in Michigan, Lindell disclosed that he no longer possesses the financial resources he once enjoyed. He had previously stated that he borrowed $10 million to sustain his company’s operations.

“They’ve taken me down just in a bigger way,” he remarked. “I’ve had to borrow millions of dollars this summer. I’ve never been in debt like this for a long, long time.”

“When they weaponize the government against us, it seems like it’s insurmountable,” he added while seeking financial contributions for the fake electors. “And these people that don’t have the resources, like you say, that I had, I don’t have anymore, but I had.”

Lindell is currently contending with a $1.3 billion lawsuit from Dominion Voting Systems, with Smartmatic pursuing an additional $2.7 billion.

Watch his complaint below:


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