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Mike Lindell Rips ‘Cowards And Traitors’ At Fox News And Newsmax For Not Reporting His Latest Election Stunt



Mike Lindell

Eternal election litigator Mike Lindell is unhappy that right-wing news outlets are not covering his new lawsuit against the 2020 election results.

In his latest filing, the pillow salesman is asking the courts to reject the use of voting machines across the United States. But he’s baffled that his friends at Newsmax and Fox News are ignoring him.

“Since Friday, since this case dropped, the left media is the ones that have picked it up!” Lindell told Steve Bannon during an interview on his podcast. “You have Business Insider, Newsweek, these guys did articles. Where’s Fox News? Where are they to report this?” he complained.

Asked Lindell to speculate on why Fox News and Newsmax have given nothing but “total crickets” on his lawsuit, Lindell said: “Fox, I believe they’re just traitors to the country,” he replied. “And I believe Newsmax are cowards. Simple as that — cowards and traitors, cowards and traitors.”

Watch the video below.