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Mike Lindell Insists That ‘Voter Fraud Is Huge’ After Expert Debunks His Claims



Robert Epstein and Mike Lindell
Robert Epstein and Mike Lindell during an appearance on Steve Bannon's War Room program. (Screenshot)

During an appearance on Steve Bannon’s War Room program on Monday, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell and psychologist Robert Epstein clashed over the issue of “voter fraud” and its impact on Republican election losses. The segment turned heated when Epstein downplayed the significance of voter fraud, highlighting his $3 million initiative to monitor technology companies promoting increased voting participation. Lindell disagreed with Epstein, asserting that election fraud is a substantial concern.

“We got them to stop all of their manipulations, including their partisan go-vote reminders,” Epstein said. “Don’t let them fool you. Voter fraud is not the issue. They want you to think it is. They control your thinking.”

Lindell, who is facing a a flurry of lawsuits tied to his efforts to substantiate claims of voter fraud leading to Trump’s 2020 election loss, objected as soon as Epstein’s interview concluded, emphasizing the complexity of election challenges, calling for the regulation of artificial intelligence and the election of officials rather than mere “selections.”

“I agree with him on everything except for election fraud is huge,” Lindell said. “These are a combination of things. And Steve, we’re at an apex in history where artificial intelligence, we need to have that regulated, and we need to get people in office that can regulate it. So you have to have elections instead of selections,” he added.