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Middle School Teacher Fired After Being Recorded Peddling QAnon Conspiracies In Classroom



Anacapa Middle School

A middle school in Ventura, California, has fired a history teacher for disseminating QAnon conspiracy theories to her students, including that Donald Trump is still president, and that Hunter Biden is a pedophile, Business Insider reported this week via Yahoo News.

In the video recording, obtained by CBS New York, the teacher can be heard telling her students: “Hunter Biden is doing deals with China and Ukraine where he was funneling money illegally,” before adding that “he also had child pornography on his laptop” and was “having sexual intercourse with his own niece.”

She then went into an anti-vaccine rant. “If you have a baby in the hospital, they don’t want to give it back if you’re not vaccinated,” the teacher, who has not been identified, said on the recording. “This is a complete power control threat.”

Business Insider also reported that the teacher “is still employed by the Ventura Unified School District, which oversees the school she was employed at.”

From the report:

An eighth-grade student told his mother after class with the history teacher that he’d never be vaccinated against the coronavirus, CBS New York reported. Then he asked her if she knew that Trump was still president of the United States.

“I mean, why? Why does that need to be said in this classroom full of children,” the mother asked, according to CBS New York. “I trusted her to teach him the facts about history and she went off on this rant like a preacher on a pulpit.”

The student’s father questioned what the eighth-grader learned in school, and the son said he believed his teacher. “When he first got in the car and said, ‘Dad, teachers know everything. She’s right, dad. You’re wrong.’ He’s damaged. He’s hurt. He’s scared. He doesn’t trust his parents now. He thinks we lied to him,” the mom told CBS New York.

Watch the report below via CBS News, Los Angeles.

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