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Michigan GOP Mayor Calls For Trump To Be ‘Condemned By All’ Over Baseless Lies About Election



Michael Taylor, the Republican mayor of Sterling Heights, Michigan, called out Donald Trump this week in a Facebook post urging people to condemn the president over his “baseless lies” about the election.

Taylor said Trump is “deliberately lying to Americans and the world about the Michigan election results in order to create uncertainty, fear and distrust in our democracy.”

“His temper tantrums on Twitter and baseless lies about the election should be universally condemned by all patriotic Americans, regardless of who you voted for,” Taylor wrote.

“The President knows he lost and understands completely that on January 20, 2021 at 12:00 pm he will no longer be president; but his pride is more important to him than our nation and our democracy,” he continued. “This charade continues at a severe cost to our nation; we deserve better. It is time for all Americans to demand honor, integrity and the truth from our President – particularly elected Republicans in Michigan who should take great offense to the President’s assault on the integrity of our state’s election.”

According to Taylor, it’s also time for president-elect Joe Biden to “receive the assistance he deserves from our federal government to begin the peaceful transition of power.”

President Trump is deliberately lying to Americans and the world about the Michigan election results in order to create…

Posted by Mayor Michael Taylor on Wednesday, November 18, 2020

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