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Melania Trump Ridiculed After Crying Foul Over Criticism Of Her ‘Damage’ To WH Rose Garden



Melania Trump

Former first lady Melania Trump emerged from hiding to complain about the criticism surrounding her changes to Jackie Kennedy’s famous White House Rose Garden design.

In 2020, Mrs. Trump made significant changes to the legendary Rose Garden because her husband wanted to use the White House for the Republican National Convention.

At the time of the change, presidential historian Michael Bechloss slammed Melania Trump’s “damage” to the Rose Garden by posting some of the photos of the garden throughout the years. Upon the anniversary of the project, Bechloss posted another photo showing the rows of simplistic box hedges and low-profile shrubbery.

“[Beschloss] has proven his ignorance by showing a picture of the Rose Garden in its infancy,” the Twitter account linked to the “Office of Melania Trump” said on Sunday. The account shared a photo that some said was taken from a vantage point that neglected to show how the cherry blossom and crab apple trees were removed.

As expected, Twitter users had to respond. Some said it would take years to repair the damage Mrs. Trump did, particularly with the mature trees.