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Mary Trump Slams ‘Delusional’ Trump: He’s ‘Willfully Getting People Sick’ — ‘It’s Mass Murder’



Donald Trump contracting COVID-19 did not open his eyes. In fact, since testing positive for the virus, Trump has been telling people that it is no deadlier than the flu and should not be taken seriously. He does leave out the fact that he has access to some of the world’s best healthcare access.

This week, Mary Trump – niece of Donald Trump – was interviewed by Democracy Now about the dangers that Trump poses after turning the White House into a mass spreader of COVID-19.

“To be treated for something is to admit that you need the treatment, and I don’t see him having any self-awareness,” she says. “Clearly the people closest to him don’t care about his well-being. If they did, he’d still be at Walter Reed.” She also warns that the “worst-case scenario” would be for President Trump to overcome his illness relatively quickly, because it would convince him to continue ignoring the pandemic.

You can see the full interview below. You can also read the transcript of the interview HERE.

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