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Marjorie Taylor Greene Vows To Impeach Joe Biden Because ‘Renewable Energy Will Lead To Death Across America’



Marjorie Taylor Greene

Georgia representative Marjorie Taylor Greene said on Monday that she has drafted articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden for pushing renewable energy, claiming that getting rid of fossil fuels “will lead to death.”

“Because they’re driving the Green New Deal which is going to plunge America into darkness and that will lead to death and all kinds of issues across America,” Greene told Steve Bannon during an interview on his Real America’s Voice talk show.

“We simply cannot exist on solar and wind energy at this time. The technology is not there and there’s no reason to destroy fossil fuels,” Greene said while attacking the Inflation Reduction Act.

“And because of that, Steve, it’s such a dangerous threat. No president should be doing that,” Greene declared.

She concluded by saying: “I have articles prepared on Joe Biden and we’re looking at introducing those possible as early as this week.”

Of course, Greene’s assertion is wrong.

According to scientists, renewable energy will lead to eno=rmous environmental and economic benefits, including a drastic reduction in air pollution, diversifying energy supply, and reducing dependence on imported fuels while creating economic development and jobs in manufacturing, installation, and more.

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