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Marjorie Taylor Greene Unleashes Tirade, Threatens ‘Massive Problems’ For Speaker Johnson Over Bipartisan Bill



Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has issued a brazen ultimatum, declaring a "red line" on Speaker Mike Johnson's (R-LA) speakership
Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene during a Tuesday appearance on Steve Bannon's War Room. (Screenshot)

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has issued a brazen ultimatum, declaring a “red line” on Speaker Mike Johnson’s (R-LA) speakership. The outburst occurred during a Tuesday appearance on Steve Bannon’s War Room broadcast, where Greene vehemently opposed funding for Ukraine and a bipartisan deal on U.S. immigration policy.

“We cannot pass this bill, and Speaker Johnson cannot bring that bill to the House floor,” Greene asserted adamantly. “It will truly cause massive problems for him. That is my red line.”

The congresswoman went on to express her discontent with the perceived humiliation of Republicans in Congress. “And I think you’ll see a lot of my colleagues join me on that. We are sick and tired of being humiliated in Congress,” she declared, emphasizing the need for Republicans to assert their majority, no matter how slim.

Greene floated the idea of Republicans taking drastic measures similar to those used against Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) in the past. “And it’s time for whoever the Speaker is, whether it was Kevin McCarthy or today it’s Mike Johnson, or whoever we have to put in there next, it’s time for them to act like the Republican Speaker and stop carrying water for Joe Biden’s presidency,” she insisted.

Speaker Johnson, however, remains unfazed by the threat, stating that he’s “not worried” about potential efforts to oust him from his position. The situation adds another layer of complexity to the already tense political landscape.

Watch the video below from Real America’s Voice.