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‘High As a Kite’ Don Jr. Demolished Over Incredibly Bonkers Rant About Uvalde



Donald Trump Jr.

Donald Trump Jr. is being dragged all over the internet after posting a rage-fueled video on social media, appearing to blame “crazy teachers” for the Uvalde massacre, and claiming the mass shooter could have killed 19 children and two faculty members with a “bat.”

In an incredible display of jackassery, Don Jr claimed that assault rifles are being stigmatized when “screwed up people” are the real issue.

“It’s the gun; it’s not the sociopath wielding it,” a red-faced, nearly teary-eyed Trump Jr. shouted. “He wouldn’t have done the exact same thing with a bat, or a bomb, or some sort of improvised device — or a machete?” he added.

The real problem is that people are “screwed up,” and we have “crazy teachers” and “indoctrination programs” in our schools, Don Jr. said.

“That’s what’s going on right now, guys. Enough is enough,” he insisted.

Naturally, social media users had a lot to say in response.