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Marjorie Taylor Greene Hit With Ethics Complaint Over ‘Abhorrent Behavior’ During House Hearing



Marjorie Taylor Greene hit with ethics complaint for showing Congress nude photos.
Marjorie Taylor Greene hit with ethics complaint for showing Congress nude photos. (Photo: Imgur)

Hunter Biden’s attorney has filed an ethics complaint in the House of Representatives on Friday against Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, citing her “abhorrent behavior” during a recent hearing.

During the hearing, Greene Greene brazenly displayed sexually explicit images of Biden and propagated unfounded conspiracy theories about the president and his family, even suggesting that he was involved in pornography.

The Office of Congressional Ethics will conduct a preliminary review of the complaint, and if warranted, it may be referred to the House Ethics Committee. However, it is uncertain if any disciplinary action will be taken, as the committee is evenly divided between the parties.

The hearing itself was part of broader investigations into Hunter Biden and his father, President Joe Biden. The White House has dismissed these inquiries as hyperpartisan innuendo.

In June, Hunter Biden agreed to plead guilty to two misdemeanor tax charges and a gun charge, likely avoiding incarceration.

Greene criticized the Justice Department for not pursuing Biden more aggressively and made claims of his involvement in amateur pornography, sex trafficking, and paying for prostitutes. However, these allegations lack substantial evidence. She questioned the department’s failure to prosecute Biden for sex trafficking and for writing off sex payments as business expenses on his taxes.

In response to Greene’s actions, Lowell stated that her behavior cannot be considered legitimate legislative activity due to the nature of her statements and conduct, which he described as “unhinged rhetoric.”


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