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Marjorie Taylor Greene Dives Into Sex Toys In Bizarre ‘National Divorce’ Rant



Marjorie Taylor Greene

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) on Tuesday continued her call for called for a “national divorce,” now floating the idea that new residents in red states be stripped of voting rights as part of her plan for a “peaceful” separation of states.

In a series of tweets, Greene insisted that she did not want a civil war. Under her plan, many federal government agencies would be disbanded, and red states would enact strict moral laws in the name of liberty. She said there would be a law to govern the placement of sex toys in stores, for example.

“A national divorce would require a much smaller federal government with more power given to the states,” Greene said. “Hence, we would solve our debt and spending problems immediately.”

She added: “Of course interstate trade, travel, and state relations would continue. However, in red states, they could have different rules about store product placement on national store’s shelves. In red states, I highly doubt Walmart could place sex toys next to children’s toothbrushes.”

“And in blue states, they would immediately disarm their citizens of course because those bad guns get up and kill people by themselves all the time,” Greene remarked. “In a National Divorce, the left could achieve their dreams of total and complete lawlessness.”

Greene also appeared for an interview with right-wing podcaster Charlie Kirk where she said residents of blue states should temporarily lose their voting rights after moving to a red state.

“They are really like newcomers ruining our beautiful red states,” she told Kirk before complaining about the film industry.

“Republican lawmakers thought it would be a great idea to offer tax credits to Hollywood filmmakers,” the lawmaker lamented. “That was a major mistake because we don’t like Hollywood’s values. We don’t like their abortion on demand.”

She then suggested banning some films in red states.

“We don’t want like the things they want to teach our children and show our children on their movies,” Greene remarked. “And we really want those things to stay in Hollywood and not be exported to Georgia.”

“Movie makers, they came to Georgia, they loved it so much, they loved the tax credits, and they stayed!” she exclaimed. “And now we’ve seen a big change in our Georgia elections. We have two Democrat senators representing Georgia and no longer Republican senators. And we are a state, I would say, we’re a little more purple than I would like.”

See some of her tweets and the video below from Real America’s Voice below.


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