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Mariachi Band Throws a Fiesta Outside Ted Cruz’s Home Following Cancun Trip



A mariachi band was filmed playing outside the home of Texas senator Ted Cruz on Sunday, as outrage continued after the Republican lawmaker fled to Cancun, Mexico during a devastating storm that left his fellow Texans out in the cold and without electricity.

As the band played, some of Cruz’s neighbours went out on to the street to watch the impromptu mariachi performance, which was organised by Adam Jama, from Carrollton, Texas.

After Cruz cancelled cut his vacation short, Jama wrote on a fundraising page for the mariachi band that “no one should go to Cancun and not listen to mariachi.”

The vacation – which was cancelled by Cruz after touching down in Cancun on Thursday morning – came amid widespread power outages, and as thousands remained without running water for the fourth day running.

Cruz admitted afterwards that the vacation was a “mistake”, and that he “was trying to take care of my kids,” who like millions of Texans last week, went for days without power.

Temperatures reached below zero in Texas last Sunday, in what was the worst winter storm to strike the state in some three decades — and with as many as five million people thought to be without power at the worst point last week.

Watch the mariachi video below: