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Man Becomes Hero, Jumps Through Car Window To Stop Crazy Driver From Running Over Huge Crowd Of People



A new viral video hit the Internet this week. A man in Skanderbeg Square, Tirana, became a hero after stopping an out-of-control driver from ramming his car through a crowd of people.

The video shows a group of people trying to stop the person driving the car from injuring bystanders. The driver is then able to pull off with his car. At this point, the driver is about to run over innocent people, but one man jumped feet first into the driver-side window, forcing the driver to stop.

According to reports, police have said that the 32-year-old driver had previously crashed three other cars in other parts of the city.

Albanian police believe the driver was under the influence of drugs during the horrifying ordeal, the BBC reports.

You can read more on the incident HERE.

Watch the video below: