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MAGA Fans Harass Sen. Mitt Romney At Utah Airport, Chant ‘Traitor’ For Not Supporting Trump’s Attempted Coup



Supporters of President Donald Trump confronted Republican Senator Mitt Romney at the airport in Salt Lake City and subsequently heckled during a flight to Washington, D.C. for not supporting Trump’s effort to overturn the election results.

A video posted online shows a woman approach Romney while he is waiting at a gate in the airport terminal. “Why aren’t you supporting President Trump,” the woman asks.

Romney politely asked the woman to put on her mask, reminding her it is required by law, before engaging in a discussion with her.

“I am supporting him,” Romney replied calmly, adding that he has supported many of the things Trump has done while in office.

The woman asks him if he’s going to support Trump “in the fraudulent votes,” referring to the certification of the Electoral College results slated for Tuesday in Washington, to which Romney replies, “No, I’m not.”

“It’s a long story, but we have a Constitution and the constitutional process is clear and I will follow the Constitution, and then I will explain all that when we meet in Congress,” the Utah Senator tells the woman.

The woman then presses Romney about his lack of support for Trump in the 2020 election and tells the Republican “you work for us.” The Senator calmly tells her, “I work for the people of Utah” and then gathers his belongings and calmly attempts to walk away from the woman who, along with another supporter of Trump, continues to follow him.

A man, who was also recording Romney, berated him as he attempted to leave telling him: “You’re a joke.”

A subsequent video shared by another Twitter user on the flight from Salt Lake to D.C. the same day shows Trump supporters shouting at Romney while aboard the airplane.

“Traitor … Traitor … Traitor ….” the MAGA fans chanted for several seconds as a number of them hold their phones up to record the interaction. One person is heard yelling at Romney to resign.

A few of the passengers can be seen not wearing masks in the video.

A joint session of Congress is slated to meet on Wednesday to formally certify President-elect Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory.

Watch the videos below.