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MAGA Couple Who Boasted About Storming The Capitol Arrested By FBI



The FBI has arrested a Kentucky couple for their alleged involvement in last month’s Capitol riots after the woman boasted in a TV interview that she “would do it again tomorrow”.

Federal officials say that Lori Ann Vinson, along with her husband Thomas Roy Vinson, were arrested in connection to the violence that happened at the U.S. Capitol on January 6.

The Daily Boulder obtained the criminal complaint against the couple. In the complaint, federal agents say they received tips about the couple. One of those tips included a conversation one tipster had with Lori about Lori being at the capitol on the day of the riot.

The criminal complaint by the FBI cites the interviews where Mrs. Vinson went on record and detailed how she and her husband got into the Capitol building and exclaimed she was not sorry about her actions.

She also said in her interview that she lost her job as a nurse after her employer saw her social media posts about her visit to Washington.

“I would do it again tomorrow,” Mrs. Vinson told 14News on 14 January, according to the criminal complaint.

In one of her interviews, she also said she was not aware that Congress was in session at the time of the breach or that lawmakers would have been in the building.

So far, 275 people have been arrested and charged for offenses related to the Capitol riots that left five people dead, according to a Justice Department official, and criminal investigations have been opened involving approximately 540 subjects. A number of current and former members of the military have also been charged for crimes including trespassing.

Five people, including a police officer, were killed in the riots as hundreds of Donald Trump supporters forced entry into the Capitol building, clashing with police, crashing through windows, breaking down doors and sending some politicians running for their lives.

Alleged rioters are being identified and arrested by the FBI with the help of videos that were shared online that day, as well as CCTV camera footage.