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MAGA Cops On The Loose: Mike Lindell Shows Off His Honorary Police Badge



Mike Lindell

Days ago, Georgia GOP senate candidate Herschel Walker whipped out an honorary Sheriff’s badge during his debate with Senator Raphael Warnock just to be humiliated by the moderator who reminded him of the rules against using props onstage. Now, MyPillow CEO and MAGA election litigator Mike Lindell has joined the craze by showing off his honorary police badge at a Trump Rally on Saturday.

Speaking with the right-wing propaganda outlet Right Side Broadcasting Network, Lindell went all in on the cop cosplay bonanza.

After urging MAGA not to vote before election day, Lindell praised the sheriff and referenced a pin on his jacket, telling interviewer Brian Glenn, “They just gave me a little badge, Brian. I’m semi-official.”

Lindell has been vocal in his support of Trump and has been a key pusher of the ex-President’s stolen election lies.

Dominion Voting Systems sued Lindell and his pillow company in February 2021, alleging that he damaged them when he pushed false conspiracy theories about the election-technology company’s role in the 2020 election.

The suit alleges that Lindell and his media platform Frankspeech, targeted the voting machines company as part of his “efforts to undermine faith in American democracy and enrich himself in the process”.

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Watch the video below: