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Leaked Documents Exposes Plan To ‘Slow Mail Processing’ As We Inch Closer To Elections



In a crucial time in American democracy, we face an election unlike any other before it. This year, many voters will be casting their votes through mail-in-voting as the ongoing coronvirus pandemic continues to hurt the country.

On Friday, Vice News obtained new documents that show that the United States Postal Service is taking steps that officials fear will “slow mail processing” ahead of the 2020 elections.

Specifically, the documents show that “the United States Postal Service proposed removing 20 percent of letter sorting machines it uses around the country before revising the plan weeks later to closer to 15 percent of all machines.”

According to the report, that means that more than 500 sorting machines will be taken offline ahead of this year’s elections.

Although USPS leadership is claiming that these machines are simply being moved around in the name of efficiency, the documents show that one union official representing USPS workers saw the plans and bluntly replied that “this will slow mail processing.”

You can read more on the topic HERE via Vice News.

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