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LA Cops Attack And Arrest Black Man While Looking For A White Suspect



While responding to a call on domestic violence by a White male, two Los Angeles Police officers approached the neighbor of the suspect’s girlfriend, who is Black, and attacked him for no reason.

Video of the incident was made public on Friday after a lawsuit alleging racial profiling and civil rights violations was made by music producer Antone Austin, also known as Tone Stackz.

The Los Angeles City Attorney’s office said in a court filing that it did not want the LAPD’s video made public because it would “be contrary to LAPD policy and may have a chilling effect on future LAPD investigations,” but U.S. Magistrate Jacqueline Chooljian disagreed and allowed the video to be released.

The officers spotted Austin as he was taking out his trash. “He smiles at the officers as they approach,” the Los Angeles Times noted.

In the video, police pass Austin and one officer asks the other, “This dude?”

“Probably,” says the other officer.

When the officers approach Austin they immediately tell him to turn around and try to put him in handcuffs without offering an explanation.

“Because I told you to,” the officer replies after Austin asks why he was being detained.

When Austin tries to turn back toward the officers while protesting his innocence, a physical altercation ensues. Austin then begins to yell “help” repeatedly.

“It is racial profiling. They had no description of the suspect — a completely blank slate,” said attorney Faisal Gill, who represents both Austin and Michlewicz. “They literally saw the first Black man, and they arrested him.”

Gill said that when the woman who called police told the officers Austin was not the suspect, they arrested him anyway.

Take a look at the video below: