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Kushner Had Secret Meeting With Kanye West Amid Efforts To Sabotage Biden Campaign: Report



A New York Times report revealed on Wednesday that rapper Kanye West met with White House senior advisor Jared Kushner over the weekend to discuss topics that have yet to be known.

West told the Times that “they had discussed a book about Black empowerment called ‘PowerNomics,’” but declined to elaborate further on the conversation. According to the Times, West also “expressed anger about abortion rates among Black women and said he didn’t reflexively support Democrats.”

Many critics see West’s attempt at a presidential run just as a plot to sway voters away from Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

That plan seems to be backfiring as a recent Morning Consult poll found that West is drawing just two percent of Black voters and is not making a dent in Biden’s lead overall.

You can read more of the Times report HERE

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