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Kinzinger Is On a Roll, Slam Dunks Marjorie Taylor Greene For Calling Him Traitor



Adam Kinzinger slams Marjorie Taylor Greene

Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-Illinois) slammed GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene after the Georgia lawmaker called him a “traitor” for not subscribing to the pro-Trump agenda.

Greene, a staunchly pro-Trump Republican from Georgia, has targeted Kinzinger and fellow Republican Liz Cheney as “traitors” for being part of the House Jan 6 panel investigating the attack on the U.S. Capitol, and is demanding the two lawmakers be “kicked out of the GOP conference” for taking an assignment from Speaker Nancy Pelosi in the “fake” Committee.

“Here we have Adam Kinzinger and we have Liz Cheney, taking the committee assignment for Nancy Pelosi, the whole fake January 6 Committee. It is such a failure of our leadership to hold them off of that, but they’re traitors and they went over there and Nancy Pelosi and they’re going on there was a Trump mission and we want to destroy Trump Republicans like you and I,” Greene told Rep. Matt Gaetz Gaetz during the Thursday episode of his podcast on Thursday.

“I want Adam Kinzinger Liz Cheney kicked out of the GOP conference, she added.

Kinzinger fired back on Saturday, ridiculing her by bringing up Trump and her infamous comments about “Jewish space lasers.”

“Dear @mtgreenee only in your version of the GOP is a veteran a traitor and Trump is honest, Kinzinger tweeted. I’m not sure people have huffed as much Jewish space laser as you.”