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Kevin McCarthy Humiliated On ‘Morning Joe’ For Kneeling To ‘Republican Extremists’ For Their Support



Kevin McCarthy

On Monday, GOP leader Kevin McCarthy was on the receiving end of a bruising smackdown for “crawling on his hands and knees” and begging “Republican extremists” for their support in his “desperate” bid to become the next Speaker of the House.

“It seems that Republican extremists now have control, they have effectively taken control of Republican leader Kevin McCarthy,” MSNBC host Joe Scarborough said during a segment on “Morning Joe.”

“He hasn’t condemned Boebert’s bigoted comment, and I will say here, for myself right here, for myself right here, I’m glad she apologized and I’m glad that Steny Hoyer, from what I understand, took the call and is trying to facilitate a meeting between the two. I understand how heinous this statement is,” Scarborough continued. “We hope at some point this sort of hate speech will be isolated and members of the House, Republicans and Democrats, can debate on the issues. My God, there’s enough to debate on.”

As noted by Raw Story, controversial GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene “challenged McCarthy’s leadership and laid out a list of demands to regain her support, and Scarborough said the GOP leader appeared willing to go along.”

“McCarthy, though, he seems to be strategizing with extremist Marjorie Taylor Greene,” Scarborough said. “I do wonder at what point do members of the caucus go to him and say, ‘You are actually crawling on your hands and knees and begging for the support of one member who’s actually supporting bigoted remarks?'” he added.

“At what point does Kevin stop listening to the extremists?” Scarborough said. “I’m just wondering, the people who are funding his push to be majority leader, are they proud of the fact that they’re funding somebody that supports anti-Muslim remarks, that you are supporting somebody that’s desperate to get the support of people who’ve made anti-Semitic remarks? How desperate are these people to be lined up behind a member of the House that is so desperate to be speaker of the House that he’s willing to embrace politically the most bigoted members I can remember being in the House of Representatives. How desperate is Kevin?”

Watch the segment below via YouTube: