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Ken Starr Appears To Suggest Trump Has ‘Path To Victory’ With The Supreme Court



Former independent counsel Ken Starr suggested on Sunday that President Donald Trump still has a chance to pull off an election victory by taking his case to the Supreme Court.

While admitting that it’s “difficult” to translate “allegations and intuitions” into actual evidence of massive voter fraud, Starr Kerr declined to say that the election is over, telling Fox News host Maria Bartiromo that “we’re in the fourth quarter” of the election, suggesting that Trump still has a chance to win.

Starr’s comments came minutes after Trump’s interview with Bartiromo, in which the President indicated that nothing will dissuade him from his belief that he won November’s election, even as his lawsuits fall flat and he fails to produce evidence of widespread fraud in the contest President-elect Joe Biden won.

Trump spent most of the 45-minute phone call with Bartiromo levying unproven and baseless allegations that letter carriers, Dominion Voting Systems, Republican officials and mail-in ballots were all to blame for his defeat to Biden nearly a month ago.

The president also questioned the court system, which has thus far rejected his legal team’s attempts to overturn the election, citing a lack of evidence, and he blasted the FBI for failing to more aggressively look into his unfounded claims.

Watch Starr’s interview below:

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