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Kari Lake Bemoans Trump ‘Souring’ On Her, Blames Media Attacks For Shifting Position



Kari lake
Former gubernatorial candidate for Arizona Kari Lake blamed the "relentless media attacks" that have targeted her for Donald Trump's change of heart about her.

In a recent interview with Steve Bannon on “War Room,” failed GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake voiced her dismay over what she calls “relentless media attacks” that have targeted her. The complaints arose following reports suggesting that former President Donald Trump had a change of heart regarding Lake’s potential selection as his running mate.

During the interview, Lake celebrated a recent ruling that limits government agencies from combating disinformation on social media, highlighting the involvement of an individual associated with Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer. Lake argued that this ruling was significant as it allows people to freely discuss corruption, election fraud, and election integrity,

Unfazed by the barrage of media criticism directed at her, Lake defiantly stated, “I know we’re hitting the mark because the attacks from the media are relentless. But I couldn’t care less. Our mission is to save our country.”

She also asserted her belief that her ongoing court appeal possesses the potential to overturn Arizona’s 2022 gubernatorial election results.

“I firmly believe that my case will be the catalyst that unravels everything, and we are pursuing an appeal,” Lake declared.

Although the exact media reports that riled Lake were unspecified, recent revelations from The Daily Beast shed light on Trump’s apparent hesitation to choose her as his running mate. The article suggested that Trump’s reservations stem from his perception that Lake craves excessive attention.

Watch the video below from Real America’s Voice:


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