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K9 Officer Appears To Refuse to Shake Trump’s Hand (Video)



Donald Trump
A K9 handler passes by Donald Trump without shaking his hand in what appeared to be a deliberate decision. (Video Screenshot)

A video has emerged online showing a group of law enforcement officers assembled on an airstrip, awaiting their chance to greet former President Donald Trump. While most of the officers shook his hand as is customary, one particular K9 officer stood out by choosing not to do so.

In the footage, the K9 officer passes by Trump without making physical contact in what appeared to be a deliberate decision.

As noted by Political Flare, however, there could be various reasons for this action, and we can’t be certain about the officer’s intentions until an official statement is released about the encounter.

Regardless, this incident stands out in contrast to the usual photo ops of Trump with law enforcement officers, as it appears this K9 handler had reservations about extending a handshake to the twice-impeached, and currently indicted former president.


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