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John Kelly On Trump: ‘He’s Scared Shitless’



Donald Trump
Former president Donald Trump is reportedly fearful after his indictment for mishandling nuclear secrets. (DB)

As Donald Trump celebrates his 77th birthday, insiders claim that he is genuinely terrified about being held accountable for mishandling classified documents. This sense of fear has reportedly left him extremely anxious.

“He’s scared shitless,” John Kelly, Trump’s former chief of staff, told The Washington Post. He added: “This is the way he compensates for that. He gives people the appearance he doesn’t care by doing this. For the first time in his life, it looks like he’s being held accountable. Up until this point in his life, it’s like, I’m not going to pay you, take me to court. He’s never been held accountable before.”

As Trump faces 37 charges of mishandling confidential government documents, his desperation to overcompensate is evident. During his court appearance on Tuesday, Trump remained silent, with Special Counsel Jack Smith’s gaze fixed on him throughout the entire arraignment.

After his arrest, Trump sought refuge at his Bedminster private golf club, where he delivered a speech to a select group of Republican donors, party members, and numerous allies, all of whom were carefully chosen to avoid making him uncomfortable, unlike earlier in the day.

“It’s part public relations and part babysitting,” Stephanie Grisham, one of Trump’s former White House press secretaries, told The Post. She added that Trump wants people to see enthusiastic crowds to create the illusion that everything is fine. The staff around him also want to keep him busy and ensure that he receives the praise and validation he craves, so “don’t have to deal with him being completely pissed.”

Most members of the press were subsequently expelled from the event, likely to create the safest and most comfortable environment for Trump.

Despite having weathered two impeachments, indictments, and being found liable for sexual abuse, facing what could be his most significant legal challenge yet, with increasing numbers of Republicans turning against him, all he could rely on for support were his most ardent fans singing “Happy Birthday” one day before he turned 77.