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Joe Walsh Slams Nikki Haley For Calling Biden ‘Arrogant And Entitled’: ‘Are You Also ‘Struggling’ With Trump’s Remarks?’



Former U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley took to Twitter over the weekend to slam former Vice President Joe Biden over his remarks. She claimed that Biden was being “arrogant and entitled” for saying that you aren’t black if you vote for Donald Trump.

Biden has since apologized for his statement.

“I have struggled with Biden’s recent remarks,” she tweeted. “They were gut wrenchingly condescending. Regardless of color, gender, or class, to label any individual with what he or she is expected to think, believe, and vote is demeaning and disrespectful. Not to mention arrogant and entitled.”

Former Republican lawmaker Joe Walsh decided to call Haley out on her hypocrisy by noting that Trump had already made worse remarks since Biden’s comments.

Walsh tweeted saying:

“Nikki, last night Donald Trump ridiculed Nancy Pelosi’s teeth & Stacey Abrams’ weight, he accused a media personality of murder, and he called Hillary Clinton a ‘skank.’ Are you also “struggling” with the President’s remarks?”

It’s one thing to criticize Biden for his remarks – but it’s another thing to criticize him for his remarks while also defending Trump who has constantly made remarks that were completely uncalled for.

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