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Joe Scarborough Sounds The Alarm About Trump’s Mental Decline And GOP Disarray



Joe Scarborough
MSNBC host Joe Scarborough. (Screenshot)

Former President Donald Trump’s recent video has left MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough baffled, highlighting the ex-president’s cognitive decline and its impact on the Republican Party’s internal struggles.

Scarborough, on his show “Morning Joe,” dissected Trump’s video, laden with rambling statements, and his apparent cognitive lapses became a focal point for Scarborough’s critique. Scarborough also expressed concern not just about Trump’s mental decline, but also about the lack of leadership within the GOP, particularly in the House of Representatives.

“He battles through so many of the speeches,” Scarborough noted, highlighting Trump’s tendency to veer off-topic. The former president’s fixation on past opponents, especially Barack Obama, suggested a troubling obsession that, according to Scarborough, hindered the GOP from focusing on pressing matters, such as the House leadership crisis.

“He said some really strange things. Again, he battles through so many of the speeches. Maybe somebody should know he’s not running against Barack Obama. Last couple weeks, he said repeatedly he is running against Barack Obama, he was ahead of Obama in the polls, that he beat Barack Obama in 2020. Remember when he beat Barack Obama in 2016? It is almost as if he’s obsessed with Barack Obama,” Scarborough said.

He added; “Really, if he were a leader of a party instead of just a leader of a cult, this personality cult. He would be more concerned about what’s going on in the House of Representatives.”

The concern deepened with Trump’s claim that Republicans “eat their young.”

The video showcased a deranged rant where Trump accused figures like Bill Barr, Mitt Romney, and Paul Ryan of conspiring against him. Trump’s handlers appeared to have lost control, as the former president’s statements defied logic and coherence. Despite the opportunity for reshooting the video, it was posted without correction.

This incident added to a series of disturbing moments that raised questions about Trump’s mental acuity. Recent weeks saw Trump making false claims about Obama’s presidency, voter ID requirements for buying bread, and other stunning inaccuracies.

See the segment below: