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Joe Scarborough Ridicules Arizona Republicans For ‘Owning The Libs’ By Giving Them More Power



Joe Scarborough

During Thursday’s edition of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”, host Joe Scarborough ridiculed MGA Republicans for being so committed to upsetting their political enemies that they’ll end up losing congressional seats they’ve won.

Pro-Trump county supervisors in deep-red Cochise County are refusing to certify the election results that include GOP losses in the gubernatorial and Senate races, but a Republican win by Juan Ciscomani in the competitive 6th congressional district. Scarborough was stunned they might hand the seat to a Democrat out of spite.

“All the major election deniers all lost their elections, and I know a lot of Republicans thought they were going to own the libs — it’s all about owning the libs,” Scarborough said.

“How fascinating, we always talk about Stephen Miller getting sushi at a restaurant, being shouted at, and after buying the expensive sushi throwing it away, thinking he was owning the libs by not eating the expensive sushi he paid for. This takes it to, I guess, its natural conclusion, where they’re now wanting to own the libs by losing elections directly.”

The “Morning Joe” host also noted that Republicans have found a way to turn their hatred of liberals into a cash cow.

“But you look at this, just overall, conservatives, Trumpers, have built this industry, we can make millions of dollars owning the libs writing books,” he added. “We can make millions of dollars owning the libs doing podcasts, millions of dollars owning the libs on a cable news prime time show. We can make millions of dollars owning the libs starting websites, which is all great. I mean, they can, if that’s what they want to do, we find out, though, it loses elections, and as we’ve said, not just to here in 2017, it lost elections in 2018, it lost elections in 2019, it lost elections in 2020, it lost elections in 2022, it lost elections, and now it’s gotten so extreme they’re not going to certify a county’s votes that’s going to cost them a seat in Congress and a statewide constitutional seat.”

Watch the segment below from MSNBC.