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Joe Scarborough Rains Hell On ‘Inhuman’ Republicans Over Implicit Endorsement Of Political Violence



Joe Scarborough

During Friday’s edition of “Morning Joe”, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough tore into the Republican Party’s implicit endorsement of political violence, saying he’s “sick and tired” of their BS.

Launching into a profane rant, the “Morning Joe” host rejected the idea that American politics were broken after GOP elected officials and candidates mocked and downplayed the brutal hammer attack by a right-wing conspiracy theorist against House speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband in their San Francisco home.

“The Republican Party is truly broken, let’s just say what it is,” Scarborough declared. “They talk about they’re against crime and they’re for the cops, unless of course it’s the speaker of the House’s husband who is hit over the head. Then they spread lies, they make political punchlines out of it. The most powerful people in the world spread the most bizarre conspiracy theories about this poor man, 82-year-old man, let’s just talk about it. I’m going to be blunt. We all have parents, if you’ve got parents in their 80s and they fall, they just fall, that’s an emergency, and that’s something that you, as a child, are dealing with for the rest of your life. This guy, I say as a child taking care of your parents, you’re worried about it.”

“Here’s a guy, he’s in great shape, but he’s 82 years old. He got brutally attacked, hit in the head, had emergency surgery because of a fractured skull and the Republicans and the most powerful people in the world are making fun of this guy and spreading lies,” Scarborough continued.

“This is not our politics are broken, let’s stop saying our politics are broken. The MAGA right is broken, there’s a sickness here. Mitch McConnell spoke out about it, but not many others spoke out about it.”

“I’ve got to say this, cover the kids’ ears, I’m so sick and tired of this bullsh*t — oh, what about Steve Scalise?” he added. “Nancy Pelosi was practically in tears after Steve Scalise was shot, and she said we’re all one family. There’s no humanity in the Republican Party, no humanity at all, and this has proven it.”

Watch Scarborough’s commentary in the video below:


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