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Joe Scarborough Delivers Blunt Response To Trump’s Ugly Twitter Attacks Against Pelosi, Clinton



During a special pandemic edition of “Morning Joe” on Sunday, a very somber Joe Scarborough responded to Donald Trump’s unhinged Twitter attacks on his critics, saying the president is causing some to believe he has become “unmoored” by the pressure of the job.

Skipping over the personal attacks the president made against him on Saturday — accusing him of murder — Scarborough called out Trump’s demeanor as the death toll from the pandemic crisis hits 100,000.

“The president criticized Barack Obama, of course, for golfing, has golfed so much more than Barack Obama this far in and did it again yesterday in the midst of this crisis,. Also insulted his last opponent, re-tweeting something that called her a, quote, a ‘skank,’” Scarborough said. “The constant attacks for Nancy Pelosi, at Nancy Pelosi even though America, for the most part, has come together to bend the curve.”

“This president does not seem to be anything resembling a president that wants to bring the country together,” he continued. “More and more people are concerned that he’s unmoored. And more, I think, tragically, unmoved by the nearly 100,000 dead Americans.”

Watch the video below:


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