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Joe Biden’s Lead Over Trump In Recent Polls Is ‘Record-Breaking’: Political Analyst



Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has been holding a steady lead over Donald Trump in polls since early 2019, which according to CNN’s Harry Enten, is “record-breaking.”

“Not only is he up 6 points over the last month or so, but the average of polls since the beginning of the year has him ahead by 6 points. Moreover, all the polls taken since the beginning of 2019 have him up 6 points,” Enten analyzed.

“The steadiness in the polls is record-breaking. Biden’s advantage is the steadiest in a race with an incumbent running since at least 1944,” he wrote.

Democrats have realized that having substantial leads in national polls doesn’t necessarily translate to winning the election. In 2016, candidate Hillary Clinton polled higher than Trump but ultimately lost on election night after the Republican candidate won the electoral college vote – despite Clinton winning the popular vote by over 3 million votes.

But according to NewsWeek:

“Biden’s polling results in key battleground states are more promising, however. Polling averages compiled by Real Clear Politics show Biden ahead of Trump by a few points in Wisconsin, Michigan, Florida and Pennsylvania. These are states that voted for former Democratic President Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012, but then went for Trump in 2016. Biden also appears to have a significant lead in Arizona, which has voted for the Republican presidential candidate in every election after 1996.”

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