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Jim Jordan Declares Intent For Third Speaker Vote Following Another Loss



Jim Jordan insists on becoming House Speaker despite setbacks.
Jim Jordan insists on becoming House Speaker despite setbacks. (Photo: Imgur)

Ohio Representative Jim Jordan, after experiencing a second defeat in the speakership vote today, disclosed that the House will convene for a third speaker vote at noon ET on Thursday.

When questioned about his objectives moving forward, Jordan said that Republicans are committed to ongoing efforts, emphasizing the crucial necessity for the House to appoint a speaker. In response to queries about his personal candidacy, Jordan, the designated speaker, affirmed, “I believe so, yes.”

On the matter of a potential resolution empowering McHenry, Jordan deferred the decision to the Republican Conference.

The empowerment of McHenry could extend beyond managing a speaker vote, potentially allowing him to influence legislative matters in the chamber, although the specific details remain unclear. McHenry has been serving as interim speaker since the removal of Kevin McCarthy from the position earlier this month.

Meanwhile, House Democrats, led by Hakeem Jeffries, have yet to reach a decision regarding a resolution that would grant temporary legislative authority to interim House Speaker Patrick McHenry. Jeffries emphasized their primary goal of thwarting Jordan’s bid for the speakership, expressing a willingness to consider the resolution if presented by Ohio Representative Dave Joyce. Democratic votes are perceived as pivotal for the resolution’s success due to divisions within the GOP on this matter.

“We haven’t had that discussion yet as a caucus,” Jeffries told reporters. “Jim Jordan is still the speaker nominee. And our role is to protect a clear and present danger to our democracy and the poster child for MAGA extremism from becoming the speaker,” Jeffries added.

“The Republicans have to end this saga, as opposed to us having another futile effort to elevate and insurrectionists to lead the House of Representatives,” he said.

House Minority Whip Katherine Clark, of California, conveyed that Democrats anticipate Republicans to initiate discussions after Jordan’s second unsuccessful speakership bid, pointing out that the responsibility is on the majority party to elect a speaker.

“They have their majority, they won the election. It’s their responsibility to elect their speaker,” Clark said. “Our leader, Hakeem Jeffries, has been magnificent in saying there’s a path for us to work together. But clearly, they have not taken advantage of that.”

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi echoed this sentiment, stating that Republicans, having secured the majority in the election, bear the responsibility to elect their speaker. Pelosi also commended the defeat of Jordan in the floor vote as a “real triumph for democracy.”