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Jim Jordan Begs For Votes As Top Republicans Move To Find Alternative



Rep. Jim Jordan
GOP Rep. Jim Jordan, of Ohio. 9Photo: Imgur)

Amid internal party upheaval, Rep. Jim Jordan’s ambition to assume the role of House Speaker is rapidly unraveling, prompting prominent Republicans to pursue an alternative course.

Despite an endorsement from former President Donald Trump, Jordan fell short of securing enough votes from his own party in the initial ballot on Tuesday, with 20 Republicans opting for an alternative candidate. A subsequent round of voting is slated for Wednesday, leaving Jordan in a precarious position.

Jordan, known for his hardline stance, now faces the challenging task of persuading defectors within the GOP to garner the crucial 217-majority on the House floor. Complicating matters, Democrats are expected to remain unified in their support for New York Representative Hakeem Jeffries.

Critics within the Republican ranks contend that Jordan’s aggressive tactics may have backfired, alienating some members and contributing to his failure to secure the nomination.

As his dream of becoming Speaker collapses, Jordan is begging for votes and urging party unity and emphasizing the need to address pressing issues such as the southern border crisis, inflation, and support for Israel.

Jordan, constrained by the GOP’s slim 221-212 majority in the House, cannot afford to lose the backing of more than four Republican lawmakers.

Notable among those critical of Jordan’s approach is Florida Representative Carlos A. Gimenez, who suggests that Jordan’s strongarm tactics may have cost him crucial support. Fellow Floridian Mario Diaz-Balart, who supported House Majority Leader Steve Scalise in the previous GOP candidate race, echoes this sentiment, emphasizing a resistance to coercion.

Interviewed on Fox News, Florida Congressman Byron Donalds, a supporter of Jordan, suggests that pressure campaigns within the GOP may have played a role in Jordan’s initial defeat, signaling internal discord.

House Minority Leader Jeffries, having secured more votes than Jordan in Tuesday’s ballot (212-200), highlights the GOP’s current inability to function effectively and calls for bipartisan discussions on alternative plans.

The spotlight now shifts to a potential alternative plan proposed by top Republicans. With Jordan’s Speaker bid in jeopardy, there are increasing calls to grant expanded powers to Speaker Pro Tempore Patrick McHenry, temporarily filling the role until a permanent Speaker is elected. This proposal aims to prevent a potential deadlock in the House, a situation reminiscent of January when it took 15 ballots for Kevin McCarthy to secure the Speaker position.

Some Republicans, including Representative Lori Chavez-DeRemer, argue for empowering McHenry to pass legislation while consensus is sought within the Republican conference. The idea gains traction among those wary of prolonged uncertainty, such as Representative Carlos Giménez, who underscores the importance of avoiding a government shutdown.

However, divisions emerge within the GOP on the proposed solution. While some, like Representative Dan Crenshaw, express conditional support for extending McHenry’s powers, others, including Representative Derrick Van Orden, vehemently oppose altering constitutional powers for convenience.

Meanwhile, the fate of the House Speaker position remains uncertain, with Jordan’s inability to secure majority support underscoring the challenges ahead.