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Jen Psaki Shuts Down Newsmax Reporter’s Gotcha Question About Biden’s Infrastructure Package



During Monday’s press briefing at the White House, far-right cable network Newsmax journalist John Gizzi tried to corner White House press secretary Jen Psaki by quoting from a “secret memo” that said President Joe Biden was lying about the infrastructure package’s price tag.

“The other thing on the infrastructure package, there is a private memo that’s being circulated in the business community and to some Republican senators that said that the $2.25 trillion price tag is $1 trillion off,” John Gizzi said. “And that there’s many things in there that were omitted in the initial discussion of the bill.”

“This is being circulated on the Hill, do you have any response to the charge that the president low-balled the price tag on the infrastructure bill?” he asked.

“Sounds mysterious, the memo — the secret memo,” Psaki responded.

“We laid out very specifically each component of the package and how much we’re proposing, so I’d encourage y’all to get your calculators out and charge that up and see how it compares to the secret memo,” she said.

Take a look at the moment in the video clip below: